100000VND per person

ABOUT BOATING TOUR Basket boat is very popular among the local fishermen in the central regions of Viet Nam.The Basket Boat is locally named the “Thung Chai” or water coconut…


Basket boat is very popular among the local fishermen in the central regions of Viet Nam.The Basket Boat is locally named the “Thung Chai” or water coconut originate from Vietnam and are considered very valuable for the owners which is made of bamboo and are mainly used by fisherman in Central Vietnam. Most of fishermen who are working in the ocean or river really need to use it for their livelihood because of its convenience. A trip to the water coconut groves and back during the day is pretty special too. Cam Thanh village is about 4ha, during the Vietnam war tthis was the shelter for local people and soldiers and nowadays this place is famous for providing the most seafood procduts for this area. Joining basket boat tour you will have achance to learn some traditional fishing techniques and how to paddle the unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boats while exploring the now tranquil Coconut palm flanked waterways of a past war. On this tour, we provide an authentic social and cultural insight into the Vietnamese localway of life. As well you will take part in some hands-on activities that are fun,safe and interesting to people of all ages. Transfer to a local cam thanh fishing village. Learn about the daily life of Vietnamese fishermen, their families and their community. Board on boat and commence cruising on the Cua Dai River. Join local fisherman on the coconut river and enjoy hands-on experience of round net or cast net. Learn how to paddle the Vietnamese unique bamboo basket boat.Explore the now tranquil coconut-palm flanked waterways of a past war and hear of the extreme conditions endured by soldiers of both sides You can go sightseeing water coconut palm in the morning or in the afternoon. Transfer to Cam Thanh fishing Village. Explore many beautiful view of Vietnam countryside, meet local villager. Explore the water coconut forest on Viet Nam bamboo basket boats. Vietnamese take tourists up and down in Hoi An eco water coconut palms, learn how to row the basket boat, learn to become a fisherman in coconut village , catching crab, learn how to row the water coconut basket boat on coconut palm. In conclusion, come back hotel.

Get the chance to learn how to fish like the locals and cruise the canals by bamboo basket boat and many photo opportunities.


Take a boat trip through Thu Bon and discover the beauty of the countryside
Meet the local fishermen for a hands-on fishing net experience
Explore the mangrove forests of Bay Mau by bamboo basket boat

TIME: 45 minute to 1 hour

    • Adult: 100,000vnd
    • Children under 10year: 50%
    • Children under 4year : Free


You will be picked up by local tour guides at the hotel.
Next, you will be switched to a coracle and paddle on the canals of the Bay Mau nipa forest. You will be immersed in the natural beauty of the nipa palm forest and enjoy crabs fishing by Basket Boat ride. You have a chance to contemplate the river beauty in the countryside of Vietnam, the traditional way of catching fish as well as the lives of the hospitable fishermen here, have time to learn how to make souvenir by coconut leaf such as: rings, flower, hat, fish… Learn to paddle bamboo basket boats from the local people, see bamboo basket boat performance, crab catching, boat racing.

Including BOATING TOUR :

    • Basket Boat Ride
    • Entrance fee ticket
    • English speaking guide

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1 Hour
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Hoi An, Quang Nam, Viet Nam