Basket boat on coconut village

Joining to Bamboo Basket Boat On The Cam Thanh Water Coconut Forest, you will be screamed under the vast blue water canopy.
From the ancient town of Hoi An, along the Hoai River 3km to the southeast, visitors will reach the beach of Seven Ton Coconut water forest located in the ecosystem of mangrove Cua Dai area.
And for a fun excursion to the coconut palm, visitors only need to climb up to baskets filled with rescue vehicles.
When they come Cam Thanh village, the specialists who serve bottlenose water to take visitors to the coconut forest Seven will bring life jackets, life buoys in the basket, prepare to welcome the first delegation on the day of examination. Deforest coconut forest Seven Temples.
Although the water level in the coconut forest (just over 1 meter) but the basket must be equipped with life jackets and lifebuoy to ensure the safety of visitors.
On each of the baskets there are usually 2-3 fishing rods for visitors to enjoy the sentence. Visitors want to swim to the bottom of the coconut water dense, using meat bait, shrimp and patience to sit in the sentence.
Many visitors are quite happy when just sitting on the basket boat was rowed here to make souvenirs of coconut leaves. Their ingenious hands make rings, bracelets, roses or caps made of coconut leaves. The people who carry the ball here are known to do these things to give guests a souvenir. When you come to Hoi An, besides going with a bottle of corkscrew, visitors can also participate in other activities such as fishing, fishing, demonstration drilling meet on the river. Swimming baskets in the water coconut palm ,try to learn how to use coconut boat listening to stories of the history of the land, visitors will enjoy it.

Coconut basket boat.


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