Basket boat – A definite experience you must try when coming to Hoi An

Coming to Hoi An ancient town, one of the interesting experiences that tourists can hardly ignore is visiting the Southern coconut forest on basket carts. For tourists who are not allowed to ride the basket boat, this is an extremely worthy experience to try when guests arrive with the same dream full of land. Nowadays, tourism is attracting more and more tourists to experience it. Do you come with anything special? Follow us to discover the special things only in this type of basket boat tour!

About the basket boat

Basket Boat Hangcoconut

Basket Boat Hangcoconut

If you have the opportunity to set foot in the coastal areas of Central Vietnam. Or sail along one of the many sea routes. You can easily see a few boats with a circular shape floating on the beach unused.

The basket boat originated during the French colonial period. The French in Vietnam started with a variety of taxes. Includes tax on boat ownership. Most of the poor Vietnamese fishermen who depend on boats for their livelihood are unable to pay taxes. So they came up with a new type of boat, the basket.

Woven from bamboo to form a small round boat. The fishermen built bamboo basket boats. Then say that this is not a boat at all. Which are baskets and therefore will not be taxed. The fisherman’s clever plan worked. Since then, these dome-shaped boats create a striking image of the central Vietnamese landscape and dot the beaches. Recently, basket boats have been put into tourism services. Visitors will experience sitting on a basket boat to go out to sea.

Bamboo basket boat is a familiar means of transportation for people in the past. As a means of catching fish for daily living, that rustic image has existed since our grandparents rowed baskets. Accompanied by a conical hat to go to sea or cross rivers. Nowadays, bamboo basket boats are more and more popular in Vietnam tourism. The most special is the tour to visit the Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An.

Basket boat tourism in Hoi An is becoming more and more attractive to tourists

Basket Boat Hangcoconut

Basket Boat Hangcoconut

One of the experiences that you cannot miss when visiting Hoi An is a basket boat ride through the coconut forest. You will be floating on the river to explore the ecosystem, with many species of birds and fish living in this forest, helping you better understand the daily life of fishermen and farmers.

Sitting on a round basket, we were driven by local people to glide gently on the river, enjoying the cool breezes from the river and the immense coconut forest. Not only domestic tourists, but foreign guests are also especially excited to experience this basket tour. In addition to walking and sightseeing, we also enjoyed a fancy basket boat performance. Most people are amazed and amazed at the ability of the “artist” to balance on the bobbing basket boat with flexible, extremely fast, and impressive movements.

Not only that, but we also watched boat races, listened to Amateur Music and Cai Luong performed by gardeners on the river, and witnessed the skillful performance of fishermen here. And yet, the tourists, before walking on the river, are also given souvenirs from coconut leaves by the local boatman, such as watches, rings, locusts… made by their own hands. Although they are only small gifts, they show the cuteness, enthusiasm, and impression of the tourist destination. It’s as simple as that, but the basket boat tour here has received a lot of good feedback from domestic and foreign tourists and in the high season it is always “on fire”.

Things visitors will experience when riding a basket boat in Hoi An

Take a sightseeing basket boat

First, you will be sitting on beautiful basket boats, the rowers will take you on the river, along the long river with green coconut trees on both sides. Floating on the water, floating with each wave makes you feel like you are lost in the Western river, the cool wind blowing is peaceful and comfortable. Sitting in a basket boat through the green coconut groves and enjoying the fresh air is a unique experience, loved by many people. Wool in the coconut trees, you will be able to take beautiful souvenir photos. Then the boat will stop at shallow water for relaxation and also for you to climb the coconut trees to play and check in. Bay Mau coconut forest tourist area has two types of basket boats, a small one that can carry 2 guests and a large one for 4 ones. In the journey of walking and sightseeing, you will hear interesting stories about the coconut forest and far away, the dear melody of a Quang Nam folk song.

Watch basket dance and boat racing

In addition to walking and sightseeing, visitors can also enjoy the exciting performance of basket boat and boat racing. Surely, you will be amazed at the ability of the “artist” to balance on the bobbing basket boat with fluid, extremely fast, and impressive movements. Some great residents will demonstrate how quickly the basket can be rotated. The rowers will make a swing to make the basket spin round and round to create waves, and the hands will dance the oars to look very eye-catching. People around were constantly cheering and cheering enthusiastically. If you like, you can also sit on that basket to rotate, but remember this is a thrilling game of water, if you get seasick, you should consider it. Next is the equally thrilling boat race, don’t forget to cheer and cheer to motivate the riders.

Throwing a net to catch fish

Coming to the area in the middle of the river, visitors will see a larger boat with people casting a large fishing net to catch fish extremely vividly and professionally. This is just a performance to serve tourists, not fishing. Throwing a net to catch fish is a lively performance that people expect when coming to Hoi An coconut forest. You will be able to see with your own eyes the ingenious and rustic image of fishermen here. You can even participate in fishing in the old traditional way. This moment has been captured by many young people with beautiful pictures. Especially under the sunset light makes it look more artistic. For enthusiasts who want to try it, they can also board this boat, they will show you how to cast a fish.

Making souvenirs from coconut leaves

Most visitors to Hoi An appreciate the rustic but meaningful gifts of the people here. In the Bay Mau coconut forest tour, you will be given souvenirs from coconut leaves by the boatman, such as watches, rings, locusts, tribal hats, etc. showing the cuteness, enthusiasm, and simplicity of the people of Quang. The aunts and uncles will also guide you to make your favorite items.

What is the most beautiful season to travel by basket boat in Hoi An?

Basket Boat Hangcoconut

Basket Boat Hangcoconut

When it comes to the time to go to coconut forest, the most important thing is still the weather, if it is a sunny day, without rain, it will be very convenient for sightseeing activities, enjoying the scenery, and enjoying specialties. You can plan to go on the 14th lunar month every month, which is also the time when the impressive Hoi An festival takes place. Everyone will turn off the lights together, then the whole old town becomes brilliant under the colorful lanterns.

As for the weather, unlike other provinces divided into 4 distinct springs, summers, autumns, and winters, Hoi An usually has only 2 main seasons: dry season and rainy season.

The suggestion is June, or July because it is extremely crowded and bustling here, mainly Vietnamese tourists because this is the tourist season in Vietnam. If you go in January or February, then mainly international visitors, especially Chinese and Korean tourists.

To go at any time of the day, it is morning or afternoon, avoid going at noon because the weather is extremely hot at this time. In the morning, you should go as early as possible, at this time you will feel the cool air mixed in with the warm rays of the morning sun. This is also a time when we are always full of energy, which promises to be a fun trip.

If you go in the afternoon, you should go after 3 pm to avoid the hot sun, so you can combine going to the ancient town in the evening.

Notes when participating in the basket boat experience

For a hassle-free trip, you should avoid carrying a lot of things such as money, jewelry, or expensive phones because they can easily fall into the water.

Should wear discreet, neat clothes to easily move in the coconut forest, and avoid wearing high heels or short skirts. In general, as long as you find some clothes comfortable and elastic, just wear it.

Only go to the coconut forest in a few hours, at most 1 session because if you stay for 1 day, there will be nothing interesting. It is also a limitation of self-sufficiency compared to tours, often the tour guests will be organized many attractive games, so it is easy to attract everyone to participate.


Hoi An is internationally rated as an attractive tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists, not only because of its ravishing scenery but also because the people here are extremely sincere, rustic, and hospitable. With the available basket boat tools of the people here, the basket boat tour promises to be one of the most memorable experiences for tourists when visiting Hoi An. If you have the opportunity to come to Hoi An, try this type of tourism, it will be an unforgettable impression when you come here. 

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