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Coconut Boat Tour – Basket Boat Tour

ABOUT BOATING TOUR Basket boat is very popular among…
1 Hour
PROGRAM Guide pick up at Hotel by bicycle to…
4 Hours
  TIME: Morning tour: 8:00 am – 1:30 pm…
5 Hours
TIME: 3 hours more PRICE: Adult: 430,000 VNĐ Kid…
3 Hours


When you come here, we will take you to the boat and driving around Bay Mau coconut forest about 1 hour, in that duration time you can watch the beautiful view of Thu Bon river with so many water coconut forests, on the way we drive basket boat we will watch basket boat performance by the skillful man who will make the basket boat spin around with the fast speed, enjoying music from other basket boat activities, and watching even learning traditional fishing by the old man if you want you can try, the man will help you to do that. Then we will have cooking class if you want to try, we will spend about 2 hours to make some traditional food of Vietnam with our experience chefs.

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  • 預計到會安旅遊的旅行者, 推薦來玩dừa Thuyền,坐圓形的船在原始的水椰子樹林穿梭,還有現場用水椰子葉子製作的手工藝,還有釣螃蟹~ 這裏在會安古鎮旁,別有洞天 ~ 想玩 的 可以 聯絡 資訊 wechat / Dòng ID: hangcocovy 划船

  • Làng dừa ở Hội An _ thuyền giỏ hangcocovy !!!! Price: 1adult 100.000vnd Hội An ở Việt Nam không còn là một cái tên xa lạ đối với h

  • 迦南島-竹籃船」 上船船家就會送大家一個椰子葉編織的小裝飾, 我們拿到是蚱蜢,隻我的超大😂 也有看到做成可愛蝴蝶結的😊 沿路都在椰林裡穿梭, 但就在覺得寧靜愜意, 前方「」 大力搖晃船或轉圈圈 …忍不住os … …沒 中間船